"Confidence Through Competence"


Since 2002 we've been improving the skills of thousands of technicians from coast to coast and as far away as Canada and Australia.  Our client list includes large utilities like Xcel Energy and Enbridge Pipeline, municipal operators like Burlington, VT and Anoka, MN, contract locators like UtiliQuest and Unibar DPG, manufacturers like Rycom and Schonstedt, and government organizations like Los Alamos and Lawrence Livermore National Labs.
With a curriculum created through real world experience and refined over more than a decade of classroom and field instruction, we specialize in taking the fear out of locating through a linear, ground-up approach that stresses a handful of key concepts.

Participants learn practical solutions to routine locating problems as well as how bad locating habits are formed, all while gaining an appreciation of their role in cooperative damage prevention. We offer a variety of training solutions to meet the varied needs of our customers; everything from half-day workshops to turnkey programs and train-the-trainer courses.  In 2014, we introduced a two day workshop called "Competency 1,2,3" designed to address the needs of employers attempting to meet CalOSH or NULCA Competency Standards that has become a customer favorite.  With a schedule that's sensitive to your need to keep employees productive and a price that's highly competitive, it includes both knowledge testing and a hands-on skills assessment.  

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Training locating professionals for over a decade.   

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