"Confidence Through Competence"


Comments from our customers...

"Bring this guy back more often!"

"Wished I would have had this 28 years ago!"

"Great learning environment, awesome examples and visual aids."

"Christopher is a fantastic instructor who held my attention through the use of humor and theory.  Well done!" 

"Invaluable to the industry.  This will save lives."

"I learned a lot more than I expected.  As much as I learned about locating, I also learned about being a person.  I have grown." 

"Instructor knew their stuff and had fun teaching it." 

"Much more in depth than I expected."

"I learned very easily without being pressured." 

"Great. Incredible pace and astounding analogies."

"Friendly instructor covered a lot of valuable info..." 

"The illustrations the instructor used were an excellent teaching aid for those who had limited or no technical background.  Well done!" 


"Excellent instructor.  Great use of demonstrations.  Very knowledgeable."

"The workshop greatly enhanced my understanding about locating." 

"Christopher's energy kept me alive and very interested in what was being said and what was next to come..."

 "Environment and attitude shined."

 "Instructor wanted to be sure that you were comfortable with the use of your locator when you left." 

"It's great how it is.  Don't change anything."

"I learned a lot about locating that I had no clue about." 

"Great job!!" 

"Well organized and learned some good techniques." 

"The most important thing I learned was safety for myself, others and company property."

"Very, very knowledgeable.  Upbeat and informative."

"Made the course fun to take."

"Christopher is the consummate professional.  Outstanding!" 

"Christopher Koch is an excellent instructor..."

"Topics were relevant and talked to what we needed."

"Loved the science background... & then how you tie it back in."

"Very informative and entertaining."

"Used understandable, low key presentation from locator's standpoint."

"I learned in minutes what it took five years to figure out by trial and error."

"The best I've seen on how electricity works.  He taught in 5 minutes something I couldn't grasp for 35+ years."

"Every level of locator took something away from the course that enhanced their performance for our company... We were ecstatic."

"I loved how Chris uses life experience to explain locating."

"Change nothing."

"We will highly recommend you to others as a source for training.  Thank you for your commitment to presenting an outstanding program..." 

"Thank you for taking a subject that can sometimes be very dry and uninteresting and making it into a pleasant learning experience." 

"Make sure he comes back!!"

"Fun to listen to"

"Great. Lively."

"...definitely the best teacher I have ever had the opportunity to learn from.  I would recommend this class to anyone." 

"I just wanted to take a moment and tell you how much I appreciated your great service and excellent delivery... I would rank you among the top instructors I have had over the past fifteen or twenty years." 

"Mysteries explained."

"Should have the class annually.  Koch was great!" 

"I would highly recommend this course to others who would like to broaden their understanding of locating." 

"Best instructor I've ever had on any training." 

"Best training I've had so far." 

"One of, if not the best classes I've ever attended.  Really held my interest and was presented in a very professional manner." 

"Excellent.  Interesting and animated."

"Do not lose this speaker!  Much is taught and learned in a very short time."

"I was apprehensive about taking this class due to others that were boring, but I found that this class was interesting and kept my attention."

"Presenter did an excellent job and was very knowledgeable on locating.  Great job."

"The theory portion was an excellent tool to understand the mechanics."

"Very knowledgeable, energetic."

"All very good examples of trial and error."

"It's great."

"Use this trainer if possible in place of current onboard."


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